Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Captain's Compromise

I have discussed my concern about my pet human showing an lack of willingness to share. Most importantly the human is not willing to share the pillow when she sleeps. It is most concerning. So I decided it was time to work my skills in compromise when it comes to sharing the pillow.

Now, I prefer to lie across the entire pillow. I believe that there is still room for my pet to place her head. But she doesn't agree. The pet will often pull the pillow out from underneath me. I give her the look. And I shortly return to the spot I was in. This is unacceptable. So I often place my paw across her head and move it to a place that makes my comfort maximized.

But I have decided that in the feline human relations, that I would begin to sleep with my head across the back of the pillow. I will place my chin on my humans forehead and then place my paw across her eyelid. I am therefore shading the sunlight from her eyes while she is sleeping. I believe that she will find this to be in her best interest.

Felines, please let me know the compromises you must come up with in order to live with your pets.

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