Saturday, May 6, 2017

Do It Yourself Scarf Holder

Finding a way to display my scarves that is both is attractive and practical can be a challenge sometimes. So I wanted to put together something simple and inexpensive to meet this need. Here is the do it yourself that I put together.

Yesterday I posted some wooden rings in my thrifty finds week 17. I mentioned that I had been looking for some of these rings for a project. This is the project.

These were a thrifty find steal at $5 for a basket of 3 dozen. The first thing you will have to do is remove those ring screw in holders. Then coat each some gesso. Pick a color that goes well with your home d├ęcor, and paint the rings.  Arrange the rings in a triangle.
Next you will need your hot glue gun. Heat it up and glue the rings together. Then place one of the ring hooks into the top of the scarf holder. And you are now ready to hang it on the wall.

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