Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I Just Chopped It Up

Once again I overheard an interesting conversation, and it made me wonder about people. There was a woman talking about hot tubs. She said that she used to have a hot tub. But she stated I just chopped it up. The other individuals she was talking to said what? You chopped up a hot tub? She replied yes. And she informed everyone that it was pretty too. It was a marbled green tub. It worked, but her husband refused to connect it. It sat out in her yard all ready for four years. She got angry at her husband for not connecting it, and then she just went out and cut it into bits and threw it away one day.

Then one of her friends told her that they need to take her down to social security tomorrow. When the woman asked why? The other one replied isn't it obvious you need a crazy check. The woman replied I know it's kind of crazy, but that is what I did. And I do crazy things like that when I get angry.

I thought to myself her friend is right she does need a crazy check, and I wonder what else she would be willing to chop up in life.

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