Friday, May 19, 2017

Interesting Moments of the Week

Every week is full of interesting moments. You know those little things you forget about soon, but just strike you as odd at the moment you see them. Then you randomly think about them at another time.

The first interesting moment was when I went out dinner with a friend. She wanted to celebrate her graduation with a really good meal. So we went to the dining establishment of her choice... Club Soda.
I'm not sure how long they had been a couple, but they really needed more time alone with the amount of feeling they were doing. Get a room, I just want to eat my lamb chops, which were delicious!

Once again it is graduation season. I saw this older lady who was dressed in her cap and gown. She was proud with her diploma. There were individuals taking pictures of her, and I look down and see she is wearing tennis shoes. This was not what I was expecting to see. But hey everybody marches to the beat of a different drummer.

I go into the local fast food joint. I just want to order a chicken sandwich. It was less than fast. I took my food home and realized that I had picked up the movie Founder, which is all about the founder of McDonald's. Is that ironic or what?

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