Saturday, May 27, 2017

It Just Brought A Smile To My Face

There are times when things you hear or see just bring a smile to your face. These are a few of the moments this past week that have brought a smile to my face.

The ongoing battle I have with my cat Captain. The battle involves his sleeping on the pillow. I have to admire his tenacity. He seems to keep coming up with new ways to find ways to sleep on the pillow while I am trying to sleep. You can read more about his belief that he should be able to sleep on my pillow in my post Captain's Compromise.

Being able to recognize that I have a really good life. I hear so many individuals complain daily about all the horrible things that are happening in their lives. They seem to never say anything good. There are times when you have to look for the good, but it's always there. And once you find one good thing it's so easy to find more. I was reminded of this earlier this week when someone told me so many of these people seem unhappy. I had to chuckle and thought they seem to make themselves a little more unhappy than they should.

Viewing the holiday list at work, and realizing that my name wasn't on it. I actually get my holiday off. It's a minor miracle. I was so excited. But you have to be careful about sharing that joy at work, there are a lot of individuals who didn't get the holiday off. I was all smiles after viewing that list. It was such a great surprise.

What has brought a smile to your face this week?

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