Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mandatory Vacation

Remember a few weeks ago, when there was a threat of a government shut down? We've heard that before. It doesn't really seem to amount to much. But what if it really did amount to something one day? What if there was a mandatory vacation month for all of the policemen nationwide? That month could be a little wild for some people couldn't it?

What would happen if you called 911 because there was a fight out in the street that was getting way out of hand? The 911 operator might just sorry everyone is on vacation can I redirect your call? But who would the call be redirected to?

Would there be riots in the streets, or would people just go along living life peacefully? This all will probably never happen, and isn't nice to know that there will be no mandatory vacations for all of those police officers we take for granted this year?

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