Monday, May 1, 2017

May Goals 2017

April is over, and May is now here. Can you believe it? Easter has come and gone, and my vacation has come and gone. The month brought pleasant surprises, and some disappointments. But it's good to know that I worked on goals. Let's look at what I wanted to accomplish in April, and did I accomplish it?

Vacation Club

Yes, I always love vacation. But I often find that I don't have money saved up for vacation. My goal for was to set up a vacation club account. I went to the credit union and set one up after my vacation. I can now set aside some money whenever I want so I don't have to wonder if my vacation comes in a month with three paychecks or a tax return.

Take A Class

I planned to take a class in marbleizing last month. I had the date set aside. It was a Saturday. I planned to get up early. I had the $10 I needed for the class. And then some friends that I only see occasionally came to town. That shot those plans down. Oh, well, it was more important to see my friends.


I planned to plant some rosemary starters in April. I went to the store and bought some seeds. This was going to be super easy. I got home and found that I picked up basil seeds instead of rosemary. So I did start some basil plants which will be very useful. But I did not get the rosemary started. I sort of accomplished the goal. And for all of you gardeners out there. I started the seeds in eggshells, and it worked out so well. Gonna do that from now on.

Shop Local

This was probably the easiest goal. It takes little effort on my part. My community is blessed with loads of local shops and eateries. I did shop at the meat market, and ate out at local restaurants. I plan to share with you some of my favorite local spots later this month.

Make sure you check out my goals for the month of April to see how I really did. And what do I want to do this month?

Design A Tee Shirt

I may have mentioned that my friend and I are planning to do some craft fairs this year. We have eclectic tastes. She stated that she wanted to put tee shirts on the table. I told her about a design I had in mind. And she said she loved it. Now all I have to do is design it, and get it ready for the sale. It's going to happen this month.

Clean The Porch

I'm always complaining that I don't have a comfortable work space. Then I looked around, and realized I have a great work space. It's my enclosed porch. During the month of May I want to get it cleaned up so I can spend time out there creating. It won't take as long as you think.

Get Hiking

Last year, I really enjoyed going out and walking through the parks and neighborhoods in my town. The cold winter weather kind of put this to an end. I'm going to get back to walking this month. Once a week I am going to go on some kind of hike. It doesn't matter whether it is through a neighborhood, or if it is through the countryside. I'm going to do it.

Organize Creative Ideas

I have the habit of making copies of pages from books, and keeping loads of papers when it comes to things that provide me with some creative ideas. I have a huge stack of papers just laying there. I want to put them into a binder just so they are a little more organized. And hopefully they will be easier to find when I want to refer to them.

So here are my main goals for the month of May, what are yours?

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