Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Robert Williams Exhibit

Some friends of mine came to visit town last week. And you know when you have visitors you want to show them good things in your hometown. My friends have an interest in art, and so we decided to visit the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.  The main exhibition was by Robert Williams.
I'm sure there are those of you out there that are like who is Robert Williams? I have to admit I was one of them before our visit. He's an artist who has a style that is slightly cartoony. Maybe a little more than slightly. They are a lot cartoony. He is also behind the publication juxtaposed. Overall, he is a big part of the modern art scene.
So the paintings aren't just cute little drawings of puppies. They are full of action and images. And they are full of details. I was so surprised when I saw them up close. I wondered how does he do it? It's a mystery!

So if you don't know anything about Robert Williams, I encourage you to learn more about him. And if you are in Northeastern Indiana, check out the FWMOA it's worth the visit.

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