Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Zero And The One

Some friendships make our lives better. And there are some friendships that lead us straight into trouble. Often those friendships that cause trouble seem to be the best thing to happen to you when they start. That's the story of The Zero And The One by Ryan Ruby.

The Story

Owen is a bright young man who has the opportunity of a lifetime at Oxford. But if you are shy, and don't have much money, life at Oxford you can miss some of the fun of being a student at Oxford. But things change when he is paired up with Zach. Zach introduces Owen to the world that is at Oxford when you don't spend time studying.

Zach and Owen discuss their beliefs over the course of the friendship. And then a suicide pact is created.

And there is the aftermath of the pact, which shows that Zach's life before he met Owen had some twisted events.

What I Liked

This book is well written, and the story is interesting. But it's also a little disturbing. The book explores topics that aren't life. Suicide pacts and complex family relationships aren't always easy to think about. It is well written, and the book will make you think. That's what I liked about the book. But I also did not like the main characters of the book. Zach is arrogant, and Owen is kind of a wimp in my opinion. But I guess it is needed for the story.

If you enjoy books with some twisted and turns, then this book may be for you.

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