Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week 20

Memorial Day weekend is a huge weekend for sales at thrift stores. So many of them have 50% off everything. Who can resist a sale like that? I mean you can find great finds. And all sorts of items that you can put to good use. Here are my finds for this week.
Here are the finds. It was a good group of goodies. All of them are things I can put to use.
I found an extremely cute little skirt. It's lacy and romantic. And I think it will produce a great little outfit for summer. I also found a top with stars on it. It's a dark color so it is perfect for work. And that wooden box actually contains two other boxes. It was a big score. 
The tin will be put to use as a planter. If you want to learn how to turn those tins into planters check out my post Thrifty Planters . I really liked the pattern on this tin. So I thought it would make an excellent planter.

Let me know what you think of my finds for the week.

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