Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thrifty Planters

A year or so I was in line at the local thrift store sale. It was long and so everyone in the line was chit chatting. A lady saw that I had some tin canisters in my overloaded cart. She asked what do you do with those? I replied it's a really inexpensive way to create a planter for your garden. She looked at me as though I was brilliant. I thought to myself it's about time I got some recognition. And she reached out a snagged a tin off of a shelf. She told me I'm going to try that. So if there are any of you out there that haven't made your own tin planters. Here's the instructions.

Here's What You Need

Plant(doesn't that plant look like it needs repotted?)
Potting Soil
screwdriver or hammer

Here's What You Do

Flip your tin over like this.
Now, take that screw and screw a couple of holes into the bottom of the tin. This will give your planter the ability to drain water.
Next, take that plant that desperately needs repotted and place it in the container. I had used an ice cream container to start this plant. So I cut down the sides and placed it in the tin. I packed it full of potting soil. And now my plant has much more room to grow.

This is a great DIY that you can personalize. You can either leave the design on the tin as you find it or you can paint something truly wonderful onto the tin.

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