Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Captain's Take On Felines And Household Plants

I am a curious feline. And if there is a plant in the house, I like to check it out. But there are a few plants that just don't agree with my feline body. I am going to remind all of those pet humans about plants that appropriate for me and my fellow felines.
Many individuals do not realize that we felines do like and need a few greens in our diet. The main green we want in our diet is cat grass. Yes, we need just a little grass in our lives so that we can obtain some folic acid into our bloodstream. We just feel better after we eat grass. But often our pet humans don't believe that grass is good for them kittens. The reason for this is we often vomit any of the grass that we cannot digest. Don't worry if we eat a little grass and then vomit. We are just not able to digest it all the way other pets can. So please have a planter full of cat grass for your felines.

But there are so many plants that are not good for cats. I understand that humans find Aloe to be quite good for their skin, but it is quite bad for a cats digestion. Other common plants that can be toxic to the feline in your life include, tomatoes and tulips. Most of us will not attempt to eat these, but if we do please contact your local veterinarian to see what needs to be done.

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