Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Did You Catch That?

I was speaking with someone the other day. He asked me have you ever noticed that people either let out positive or negative energy? I asked him what he meant. And he told me there are some people that it doesn't matter what you just don't feel sad or bad when you're around them. Those people let out positive energy. And then there are some people it doesn't matter what happens you just don't feel energized when you are around them.

I told him yes, I do understand what you mean. Sometimes it feels like I really absorb a person's mood that I am around. If someone is angry, I sometimes have to work a little harder to not allow myself to get angry because they are. As we were talking I wondered what kind of energy I emit. And he told me that I was one of those positive people.

He told me people just like you because you see the bright side of most things. I told him it's not that things don't bother me. It's just that if it is something I don't have any control over, I remind myself the only thing I have control over at the moment is my actions to the situation. And it usually works. And I find that I am less frustrated about other things.

So have you ever caught someone else's mood?

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