Sunday, June 4, 2017

Jagged Little Pill Musical

I recently heard that Alanis Morissette is writing a musical based on her album for the '90's Jagged Little Pill. Remember all of those songs from that album? They never stopped playing on the radio did they?

And then I remembered the worst concert experience of my life. Yes, I liked Alanis and her album when it first came out. The lyrics were catchy, and she seemed to know how I felt about some things in life. 

Then I went to see her play at some venue outside of Cleveland. And I never wanted to hear her music again. You see it was an outdoor venue. And it rained. It not only rained, but it got chilly. So the outdoor venue was soggy and miserable. In fact it rained enough that we scrounged up some plastic bags just to help us keep dry. 

I thought this would make for a memorable experience, like the rain at Woodstock right? It was memorable alright, but not like Woodstock. You see Alanis began to play, and her sound system wasn't really that good. In fact it just didn't support a setting like the one we were at. When I go to a concert I expect volume, not at this one. In fact some of it was difficult to hear. 

So when I heard that she was putting together a musical, I wondered if I want to see it. Or should I give it a chance if it presents itself to me.

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