Friday, June 16, 2017

June Inspirations 2017

Back in April I shared with you a creative inspiration board that I put together. You can check out the post Creative Inspiration April 2017. In that post I raved on about sequins. And I did make a top with sequins. And I didn't like the way it turned out, so I'm not going to share it. That doesn't mean I've given up on sequins. I just need to try again. So sometime in the future you'll see a product with some sequins. When is the real question though.

I noticed that I put June 2016 on the page, I really did just put it together this week. These are copies of pictures of design items that I copied. So some of the pictures aren't as clear as they were originally. I also pointed out some things that were common in the items I picked. 

The first thing I noticed is the color blue. It's always something I pick out. I mean it is my favorite color. But I've noticed that flowers are another big influence. And of course things that are a little larger than life. That second picture down on the right with the flowers is actually a chandelier. Imagine how cheerful that is! But flowers have been an influence for me recently. And that black background for the flowers is evident too. Here's a picture that I painted recently that shows just how big an influence that is currently.
And I also noticed that there is a little bit of an Asian theme to things that are influencing me right now. That fireplaces all have that feel. I had a friend who did a room in maroon and gold. I never really liked the combo before, but I was reminded of that room when I looked at the red and gold room with the fireplace. I think that I really do like the red and gold together. And of course I would have difficulty choosing exactly which one of those fireplaces I would like in my house. Aren't they all cool?

So these are a few of my design influences for the time being. What is influencing you?

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