Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Chilbury Ladies' Choir

I picked up a copy of The Chilbury Ladies' Choir when I was at the library a couple of weeks ago. It looked like it might be an interesting read, so I checked it out.
The Story

The second world war has just began, and most of the men from the village of Chilbury are gone. The village vicar has decided that since there are no men left in the village choir, it should be dissolved. But the ladies come up with a little different plan. They decide that it should simply be a ladies choir. The book follows the lives of several of the ladies in the village. They are all ages, and they are written in the form of letters or diaries. It follows them through mysteries, tragedies, and shared joys.

What I Think

I once heard that there are two types of individuals in the world. There are survivors and there are thrivers. I really like that this book is about a group of women who actually thrive during difficult times. They support each other, and learn to live life to its fullest even though times are challenging. I like how it shows how the ladies of all ages react to the world around them. 

My favorite character in the book was the teenager Kitty. She is full of life, and has plenty of dreams. And she pursues them even though things in the world show that they may be unattainable. And I like how she just accepts that things are the way they are, she doesn't feel sorry for herself. I can only hope that I would react that way in difficult times.

So if you want an easy and pleasant read, that will remind you to enjoy life, this book may be fore you.

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