Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week 21

Over the past few months you've seen some of my fabulous finds at the thrift stores. It's always fun for me to share the items I've found with you. And all of them are being put to good use. So here are my finds for the week. They are pretty amazing!
I found a really cool Lauren olive jacket. It has a real Sgt. Pepper's feel to it. I want to do some other things to do it just to personalize it a little. It's going to look super cool.
Here are some of the other items I found. I just couldn't pass up that dream plaque. It is so me. I also found a silk blouse and some jeans. I always need jeans for work. So they were all great finds.

I saw this adorable little painted figure. It had an Asian Kawaii feel to it. And I really liked the shade of blue that was used to paint it.
And of course there was a picture frame with little angels and roses. I had to have it. It has kind of a romantic feel to it.

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