Sunday, June 18, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week 22

The call of the thrift stores beckoned once again. I think it is the hunt and gather part of me that enjoys it so much. What can I find? What can I make out of it? How will these items fit into my life? Really, I do think about these things when I go thrifting.
The first group of finds involved finding a foot massager. Yes, my aching feet appreciate this one more than anything else I have ever bought. It feels great at the end of a work day to be able to fill that little tub up with water and Epsom salt and just soak away that work day. I also found a really cool sequin top. I love that color.
I also found a cute little summer outfit. It's pink, it's orange, it's tie died. What else can a girl want in life? 
I kind of have a love hate relationship with Ed Hardy products. Some of the designs really appeal to me, and some I can live without. But when I saw this bag, I was all over it. It is perfect. And it is a great size too. 
I'm a big fan of items with the sun on it. I don't like the color of the wind chime I picked up, but that is easy to fix with a little paint. 

So what are you looking for when you go thrifting this time?

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