Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fighting The Newcomers

I have been listening to the news recently, and of course the travel restrictions that the Supreme Court allowed to go into effect are a big story this week. And there were a couple of things that popped through my mind as all of this was going on. My faithful followers know that there some wild little leaps and bounds when I start thinking.

The first was this scene from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Lily's fears of the improvements in the neighborhood make me laugh. She just doesn't want things to change. And when I first saw this scene, way before the travel ban, I thought about how this is a twist on people wanting to keep others out of their countries and neighborhoods.

Later in the week, I heard a story about a neighborhood in Los Angeles. It was a low rent district. And so many artists are starting to move in along with the galleries. The individuals who are originally lived in the neighborhood want no part of this, and they have begun a campaign to get the studios to leave the area.

And I thought to myself, whether it is an art studio in a low rent district or a wall at the border we always seem to be fighting the newcomers no matter where they show up.

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