Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I Need To Destress Now!

Ever have those times when you just feel like you can't take it anymore? Life is just getting to you. You need to distress immediately. Here's a list of really simple things that you can do to distress quickly.

1. Listen to some slow tunes.

Slower-pace music can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. So pick out some soothing tunes to play in your music shuffle.

2. Give Yourself a Time-Out.

Set the alarm on your phone for 5 minutes., find a quiet place(even if it's a bathroom stall) and just sit and breath deeply. Those few minutes of quiet can help you think just a little clearer.

3. Burn a Scented Candle.

Aromatherapy is all the rage, but scents like lavender, lemon or mango contain linalool, a naturally occurring fragrance that reduces the activity of genes normally elevated in stressful situations.

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