Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I'm Settled In

A little over a year ago, I had to change positions at my job. My position had been eliminated, and so I took another job. I was grateful that I was able to still have a job. So many laces you work at just give you a ticket to the unemployment office when they are eliminating jobs. But I had another option. I considered myself lucky.

At first I detested my new position. It was a huge change physically, emotionally, and mentally. I had a new set of co-workers. And like all co-workers, there are some you prefer to others. But I knew I did not like the position I was in. Then another one in the same building came open. The shift fit my lifestyle a little better. It wasn't perfect, but I could work with it. The work was a little more up my alley.

So a year has gone by, and I realized the other day, I've settled in. I've settled in to the routine. I've settled into how to navigate through this work environment. And I'm happy with the change. But I'm glad that I've settled in for the long haul. Because I've had jobs that I am miserable in, and life is just much easier when you are happy at work.

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