Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mississippi Blood

I've been reading some books by Greg Iles. Remember the review I wrote of his books The Bone Tree and Natchez Burning. The last book in the trilogy is Mississippi Blood.

The Story

In this book, the trial takes off, and the truth comes out. Tom Cage gets his day in court. And he is finally able to tell his story. But first we hear the story of how the prosecution believes the murder of Viola occurred. It makes Tom look pretty bad, and you wonder throughout the story what is it that his lawyer is up to. But Tom finally tells his version of what happened. The story is full of a couple of twists that make you wonder what is going on. But it is all wrapped up in the end. And of course, justice is served.

What I Think

I liked most of this book. The court scenes in the book, are great. There is tons of action and twists and turns. While part of you knows what is going to happen at the end of the trial, another part of you thinks maybe that isn't what is going to happen. I felt like the ending of the series was a little weaker though. I don't know, I just wanted a little more justice for the real killer. It was a little bit of a let down to see him not get a day in court. (Hope that isn't a spoiler for you all.) And then there are those times, when Penn seems to take matters into his own hands. Who in real life can get away with that? But overall, this is a good book. And I really do recommend the entire series to all of my readers.

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