Saturday, July 29, 2017

Seeing The Wind

I remember having a discussion with someone once. You can't see the wind was what they stated. And it's true. You can't really see the wind, but you can see the result of the wind. We've all seen flags waiving, and we have all felt the wind blowing on our skin.

I remember riding my bike in the Keys when a huge tropical storm was coming through. There was a lot of wind with the storm, and it felt like it was blowing me backwards no matter how hard I peddled.

And then there was the time I drove through an extremely windy part of Texas, I think it was Texas, and all of the trees were kind of leaning. I mean they had grown that way, There was so much wind that the trees permanently leaned to the right. It was kind of a weird site.

And I guess the point of this is the wind is a powerful thing, and like all parts of mother nature. You should respect it, because it doesn't respect you.

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