Friday, July 14, 2017

Simple Tips on Getting A Good Nights Sleep

I work third shift. And anybody who has worked third shift knows, everything in life revolves around sleep. When am I going to sleep? How do I keep the light out of the room when I sleep? Will someone call me on the phone while I am sleeping? But we all know that a good nights rest is actually the best way to make sure that you start your day out right.


Creating a healthy sleep schedule is important. Your body needs to know when it is going to rest. That's why setting a bedtime for children is so important. But it's not just important for children, it's important for adults too. I always feel better when I stay on a sleep schedule. I go to bed around 6:00am. Yep, it's enough time to wind down when I get home from work, and I let myself wake up naturally. It's usually 2:00pm or before. I'm right on schedule for that seven to eight hours of sleep that is recommended. My body just knows what it needs.


I try to get up and spend a little time outdoors each day. The human body really does crave some sunshine.  It helps with mood and energy during the waking hours. And once again it helps maintain the important sleep schedule.


Over the counter meds really aren't as helpful as they might sound. I've found that often I get one really long sleep period, and then the next day, I don't sleep at all. It's weird and it can screw up your sleep patterns. Avoid them unless you are really ill and need extra sleep.


Your body will sleep when it needs to. I have found that there is just a da every once and a while where I sleep almost all day. I'm not kidding. But for one reason or another, my body needs to catch up on rest. Let your body do it. If it is occasional it's healthy. If it is routine then it's a problem. 

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