Monday, July 31, 2017

Star Passage2

I recently received a copy of the book Star Passage Book 2 Heroes and Martyrs by Clark Rich Burbidge. I received this book free in exchange for an honest review, and as always I'll give you an honest opinion.
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The Story

Bobby and Mike are brothers, and a life changing accidents leads the brothers toward adventure. Bobby believes that the accident is all his fault, and begins pushing everyone in his life away. But he meets a couple of people who make him think. The friends have a star which can transport them through time. And the star helps individuals learn important lessons in life. 

What I Liked

This book is geared toward young adults. Bobby and his brother Mike face a very real problem in life. How do you deal with things that are the result of one poor choice? Not a huge bad choice, but one that people make in their everyday life. I like that the author has created smart characters, who look for opportunities. And they follow the path that is presented to them. The book has religious themes so it provides readers with positive influences in their lives. All of these make this book a good choice as an end of the summer read for teens.

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