Friday, July 7, 2017

The Best of Adam Sharp

Have you ever had trouble just getting into a story? That's the problem I have with this book. I usually don't review many books that I just don't care for, but I thought I should share with you a book that I just didn't like.

The Story

Adam goes to Australia as a young man, and has an affair with the love of his life. They meet while he is playing a piano, and she joins in singing. There is something special between the two, but the time is not right, and Adam leaves Australia. 

His ends up marrying a woman who he claims is an extremely good friend. They love each other, but not the way he loves his love of the past. 

Then after years, his lost love contacts him. And He more perky, and he gets out of the slump he has been in. Then one day, he and his wife separate. And he is offered the opportunity to spend a week with his long lost love, and her husband in France.

What I Think Of The Book

I didn't like this book. Adam settles for a second rate life. And his lost love contacts him just to get some attention. He decides to change his life based on this meeting. And of course it doesn't work out the way he wishes it would. I think I just didn't like the characters in the book. There was one exception. I liked Ada's wife Claire. She is the only decent person in the book. And I like her honesty. 

So this is one book that I do not recommend for your reading list. It just couldn't wait for the story to end. And I usually feel a little sad when I finish reading a book. The reason is I won't be able to spend anymore time with the characters in the book. But I was glad to get these characters out of my life, and I don't plan to return to them.

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