Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Rainy Day

We all think of the sunny days of summer, but this year seems to be presenting an awful lot of rainy days. And they seem to be hitting me on my days off. So many people say they enjoy staying home and reading a book on a rainy day. And I enjoy doing that too. But there are a lot of things you can see on a rainy day if you go outside.
I think I will remember to my dying day, a day at summer camp. It was a rainy day. I mean a deluge. And if you are a child, and you are at camp. Spending time inside is just not an option. We all were out playing in the rain. We were jumping in puddles, and we were sliding around in the mud. And then low and behold, the camp clown came walking down the hill with his hands in his hair. His hair was covered in bubbles. Yep, he was washing his hair. It's an image that has stuck with me for years. And it has always reminded me that you either complain about what is going on around you, or you can embrace the moment.

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