Saturday, July 8, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week 23

I really have been trying to cut back on some of my thrifting. I have set some goals on the amount of work I have to complete before I purchase any new items. So my purchases are a little less than they have been in the past, but no need to fear I have purchased items. Here are the finds for the week.
This week I picked up two shirts, a pair of shoes and a stamp pad. Not a big haul, but they are items that I can put to use. I love the little studs on the shoes and they are Anne Klein's. Life is full of great surprises. That ink stamp pad was only .50 cents. I really need it for some of the art journaling I have been doing.

But the tank top is my absolute favorite find of the week. I love the shiny sequined cross on the black background. It just screams cool.

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