Thursday, July 13, 2017

Who Really Wants To Be President?

The news has been filled with the usual about the "Russia Scandal". There are reports about who met who. Was it planned, and of course who was there? As I listen to these stories, the big question comes to mind. Who really wants to be president anyway?

Who wants to have everything they say scrutinized by the entire world? I don't. I mean there are times when a huge kerfuffle is made about things that don't really matter. I mean who really cares about some of the things the Donald tweets about. Why is it always in the news?

Who really wants their handshake to be scrutinized? And does it really matter in the grand scheme of politics? Has all of the debate over the meaning of the presidents handshake with the French president addressed the real problem? The real problem is climate control, and our lack of participation isn't it?

Who really wants to have other individuals regulate where we spend our weekends? I only wish I could go away each weekend. But I don't want individuals to tell me I shouldn't be going to my own vacation home for a visit.

So once again I ask, who really wants to be president anyway?

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