Sunday, July 23, 2017

Will Artificial Intelligence Come To Life

Several years ago, I watched a movie called Artificial Intelligence. The movie made an impact on me, and I have thought about several times through the years. The movie is about robots. The robots look life like. And someone decides to replicate a child. It's strange to see how much the robot is like a real child. The robot is able to make an emotional connection to the humans it is purchased by.

The problem in the movie is what happens to these robots when humans no longer want them. There are those who see them simply as robots, and believe that they can just turn them off. But there are others who know that these artificial intelligent robots have developed emotions.

The movie came to mind when Elon Musk make his warning that artificial intelligence could destroy the world.  There are those who say Musk is being a little crazy with his warning. But I'm not one of them. His warning was a call to us to think through what we are creating. And that we should think through just how we are going to deal with this artificial intelligence. 

How are we going to deal with the possibility that the robots we are creating may develop their own free will? And as a result they may choose to do things differently than we planned. I believe it is a valid question that should be debated no only by scientists, but  by individuals throughout society.

And then earlier this week, I heard a story about artificial intelligence that really caught my attention. A robot in Washington D.C. drove itself into a pool of water. The question is did the robot malfunction? Or did it commit an artificial intelligence version of suicide? We'll never really know, but it is worth thinking about isn't it?

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