Saturday, August 19, 2017

2000 Calories

2,000 calories is the standard set by the USDA for food consumption. It's pretty liberal, you can eat quite a bit of food throughout the day if you eat healthy.

Now, I am not a calorie counter. I eat things that I like, and I try to make sure they are healthy. If it sounds tasty, I will give it a try. And I enjoy a wide range of foods. This makes things pretty easy when you go to a restaurant.

So as I browsed through the menu at a local restaurant recently, I thought to myself that this creamy pasta dish sounded wonderful. It had cheese, it had cream, it had meat, it had everything including the kitchen sink. And then I looked to the side of the description of this pasta dish. It said 1960 calories. I exclaimed 2000 calories! My dining partner asked what? I pointed out the item, and asked isn't that all of the calories you are supposed to eat in a day? So when the waitress came I ordered one of the items with 730 calories. And I had mixed feelings about the way that dining establishments had begun to put the calorie count beside items on their menus.

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  1. I also have mixed feelings about the calorie count on menus, but more importantly to me, is why. They do it because the government has once again stepped in where they don't belong and has forced them to do it. If they did it because an overwhelming majority of the people asked them to, then I wouldn't care. Don't get me wrong, it saves me from myself a lot of times, but the government should not be forcing businesses to do anything.