Thursday, August 3, 2017

August Goals 2017

July rolled around, and I just didn't feel like setting any goals for myself. I thought that maybe I had enough of pushing myself. And I needed to see where I would go without the push. And I did accomplish some things in the month, but I didn't get the feeling of accomplishment I get when I set goals. So I decided it is more important than I thought for me to set some goals for each month.

Here are the goals I want to accomplish this month.

The Chair

I found a really cool chair. I liked the design, but I didn't like the color of the chair. I have started sanding it down.
As you can see I have started it, but I want to complete it. The sanding is almost finished. I want to have it sanded, primed and painted by the end of August. Those of you who share short attention spans know this is a big task.

Update Blog

I looked at my About page on my blog the other day, and I realized, I really need to update this. So look out world, you're gonna see an updated About page on this blog.

Take a Day Trip

This one is going to be super easy to achieve I believe. I have a little more time this month since I have vacation. I so need the vacation. But I want to see some other things in the world at least for one day of my vacation. It's going to happen, 


Yes, I have been working on my basement. The progress is very slow, but I want to paint part of the basement this month. This is a big project, but I believe I can get quite a bit accomplished this month.

So what do all of you want to accomplish in the month of August?

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