Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hey Violet

When I was out the other day, I decided maybe it was time to pick out some new music. You know music that I have never listened to. I saw a Cd by a band called Hey Violet. I'd never heard of them, but I thought maybe I should give them a try.

Hey Violet Band
When I first saw the album, the cd I thought this is going to be one of those pop bubble gum bands. But then I thought to myself, I am judging a book by it's cover. And decided to listen to the lyrics. And I was pleasantly surprised. This is a teenage band singing about some of the problems of youth, but there was a song called Guys My Age. The singer is singing about immature guys, who just don't get what she wants from a relationship. I thought to myself this is going to be something she faces her entire life. Some men just don't understand what women want no matter how old they are.

After, I listened to their music, I decided I wanted to know a little more about the band. And I was surprised that the band was not exactly new. They were a band called Cherri Bomb up until a couple of years ago. And they had opened for some serious acts like The Smashing Pumpkins and Foo Fighters. Not bad for a young band. Cherri Bomb split, and Hey Violet was created out of most of the members of that band.

If you looking for a band with an alternative pop punk feel then this one is for you. Keep in mind that some of the lyrics are a little explicit. So if that offends you beware!

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