Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I Need To Destress Again

A while back, I share some super easy ways to relieve stress quickly. Here are three other ways you can relax .


They say laughter is the best medicine. And it really is a great way to relax. How does it work It temporarily increases your heart rate and blood pressure, and then when they drop you feel relaxed. So the next time someone tells you to be more serious, tell them I'm laughing for my mental health.

Help Out

It just feels good to be helpful. There are people who spend hours volunteering, and we all admire them. But the simple acts of helpfulness can give you the helpers high. That feeling that I did something right. It makes you feel better about yourself, and the stress runs away.


Have you ever experienced that endorphin high after a nice walk. You just feel at peace with the world around you don't ya? Imagine being able to increase that feeling. You actually can, if you walk with a friend, you get an added high.

So what other ways do you use to get the stress out of your life?

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