Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Our Father's Fought The Second World War

The past couple of days, I've been thinking of that song Allentown by Billy Joel. In fact, I've really been thinking about one line in the song. Our Father's Fought The Second World War. My father did fight that war so it does have a little meaning to me.

These lyrics have been on my mind due to the events that occurred this past week in Charlottesville. An event where Neo-Nazi groups protested. An event where hateful slurs were yelled at counter protesters. An event where a member of the Neo-Nazi group utilized the tactics used in London by terrorists. He drove a car into a crowd of counter protestors.

I struck me as odd, that a member of a group of people who claims they don't want members of other races and other religions in their country would employ the tactics of another group of twisted individuals. And I thought to myself, these far right individuals have one thing in common with some of the individuals they claim to hate. The commonality is they only want to hate and injure.

My father fought against Nazi's in that war of the past, and I wondered to myself what would our fathers who fought the second world war think of the events of that day. Is that what they fought for?

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