Thursday, August 24, 2017

Picking The Perfect Tomato

It is full bloom tomato season, and we all know that those home grown tomatoes taste better. So here are some tips on picking the perfect tomato.


Choose firm tomatoes with unblemished skin, a red wine-like aroma, and color that's lighter at the stem and end than at the bottom. The color gradation is a sign that the tomato has ripened naturally, rather than artificially with ethylene gas which usually results in a telltale uniform color. Keep in mind that heirloom tomatoes come in a variety of colors. And well red may not mean flavor peak.


Store your tomatoes stem side up, and away from heat or sunlight. Use them within four days if possible. Don't refrigerate your tomatoes. At temperatures below 55 degrees, the water in tomatoes expands and the sugars convert to starch. This creates a meaty texture. And FYI most refrigerators are set to 40 degrees or below.


Peel off the tomato's skin before making a sauce, since the skin can toughen during long cook times. The easiest way to remove tomato skins is submerge the tomato in boiling water for 115 seconds, then pop it in a bowl of ice water to cool. The skin should slip right off when cut away the core.

So do you have any tips on pick the perfect tomato that I've left out?

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