Saturday, August 26, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week 27

Traveling through the thrifting world, I have found not all thrift stores are created equally. Some have great deals, and some well, they don't have deals at all. There is one local store that I absolutely love. I always find loads of nick nacks at great prices. I went there recently, and these are my thrifty finds for the week.

Here's the big picture. It's a pretty sweet group of items. And they all jumped off the shelves into my cart.
The picture frame was actually my favorite find of the week. I loved the doves at the top of the frame, and I'll show you how it looks when I'm finished with it. I think it will look great.

Gifts for mom are something I always try to snag up. My mom loves history, and she loves to read. So this book was a must have.
A pair of Smurf shorts are always something to add to the wardrobe.
Funko toys! were my big score of the week. And a super deal, they were .99 cents a piece.

So you now know my thrifty find of the week what were yours?