Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Anyone In God's Green Earth Can Do Someth'n

Gunsmoke isn't one of those shows that I seek out on the video channels. But I remember the reruns from my childhood. And Festus was one of those characters that brought some unique quotes to life.

It was one such quote that I came across the other day, "Anyone in God's green earth can do someth'n."

The quote made me think about all of the individuals with disabilities I worked with in the past. I thought about how proud they were when they got jobs. They all stood a little taller, and they showed off their first paychecks like it was the biggest accomplishment ever.

I thought about how there were individuals in the past who had discounted so many of them. And how they were surprised when these individuals with intellectual challenges accomplished great things.

So, I thought to myself, Festus was right, "Anyone in God's green earth can do someth'n."

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