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How to Avoid Cheesy Engagement Photos

There are few things more painful than looking at an album of awkward engagement photos. The memories of this exciting time in your lives together should make you tear up with joy, not cringe and run for cover. Don’t worr
y! You can take these necessary steps to avoid cheesy engagement photos.
Be aware of the positioning of your hands. Even the most innocent of poses turns embarrassing if it is perceived as inappropriate. You could be off by just an inch or two and turn a “wow” photo into an “OMG”. Spare your parents the humiliation and give them photos they can share with their friends (and your grandmother!) – watch your hands!
The cheesiest engagement photos can be traced to one overwhelming factor – the couple just cannot relax. Tension changes posture, facial expression and even the way you relate to each other. Whether you need to stop for a glass of wine before the shoot, or bring someone with you who can make you laugh at the drop of a hat, you want to be your most relaxed, natural selves.
You Do You.
The latest engagement photo craze might be to take a photo in a canoe, or to hang glide together with your favorite pet, but those scenarios won’t work if they don’t reflect you. Don’t feel obligated to incorporate everything you find on Pinterest into your engagement shoot. Think of settings and activities that are natural reflections of your story as a couple. If you share a favorite place or a favorite hobby, make it the starting place for your session.
Get to Know Your Photographer.
Building a rapport with your photographer is important. You have to trust what he or she tells you to do, and that your vision for your photos is clear. Have some coffee and get to know each other. Not only will you end up with better engagement photos, but the relationship will give you the best chance at amazing wedding day images too.
If All Else Fails…
If you tried everything, but ended up with awkward engagement photos worthy only a deep drawer somewhere they will never be found, don’t panic. If there is time for a second engagement session, you could try again. If not, schedule a post-wedding session.
A post-wedding shoot not only allows you to redo your engagement shots, but you can incorporate some more portrait time in your wedding dress and tux, or even hold a dress session if you really want. If your bridal party is close by, they might even want to put their bridesmaid dresses back on for some post-wedding photo fun. The important thing is that you are taking opportunities to preserve the memories of your time together. It just takes some couples longer than other.
Your engagement photos don’t have to be cheesy! Just let these simple steps guide you and you’ll enjoy your beautiful, natural and completely memorable engagement photos for generations to come. Which tip do you think will make the biggest difference in your engagement shoot experience?

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