Thursday, September 21, 2017


Moonglow is the 2016 novel released written by Michael Chabon. I've read a couple of hhis other books, so I was really interested when I saw this title. Here's what I think of this book.

The Book

Every family has its secrets. And this book has the deathbed confessions of a grandfather to his grandson as the heart of the story. The grandfather tells about his life and let's out the stories about his exploits in the Second World War. He tells about his grandmother, and her life. And he tells about how his hero became someone he hated when he found out about some of his actions. His passions all through life are explosives and space. And he leaves you wondering are some secrets just better kept than revealed.

What I Think

I really liked this book. This is no surprise because I enjoyed some of his other work so much. But I liked that this story is about secrets being revealed. Are families what we think they are? Are people what we really think they are? The story focuses on the grandfather. I love that he was one of those individuals that just kind of got in a lot of trouble because he was bored. 

His hunt for Werner Von Braun was really interesting. He sees him as a kindred spirit as he begins his hunt. His love for rocketry, and their desire to visit the moon. But then he realizes that they aren't when he sees some of the lengths that were gone to make the rockets. 

And the grandfather was extraordinarily accepted of the grandmother. He took her for all of her faults, and didn't think twice of not being there for her no matter what. 

If you enjoy books that are about books that have a great story that will keep you wanting to read more, this book is for you.

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