Monday, September 4, 2017

Movies Worth Watching In September

It has been a while since I shared movies that I have enjoyed. Here are a few of my recent views, that some of you might enjoy.

Paper Towns

This is a movie from 2015, about a young man who ends up searching for the girl he has a crush on in high school. The search ends up lasting a lifetime. Margo is the girl, and she does love her mysteries. She decides to become one. And this is the reason for the search Quentin, who is the main character of the movie, begins. The movie is one of those that reminded me that I should enlarge my comfort zone in life.

The Hollars

This movie didn't receive great reviews, but I really liked it. It's all about how crazy things get when a parent has a serious health issue. And boy do things get crazy. There are moments when I laughed in this movie, and there were moments when I wanted to cry. While some of the situations seem a little far fetched, family crisis always brings out every kind of emotion. It's worth watching if you are looking for a good flick.

What If

This movie starring Daniel Radcliffe, is pretty much your standard romantic comedy. Radcliffe's character, Wallace, has given up on love. He has a best friend that is female, and well you can guess the rest of the story. They are perfect for each other because they are such great friends. It's not award winning material, but it is pleasantly entertaining. Pick it up if you are in the mood for a lighthearted predictable movie.

Wishful Drinking

Most people I know were sad when we found out Carrie Fisher died this year. She had her ups and downs in life. And this comedy special is funny. At least I thought it was. Carrie tells about her life,  the child of  stars, Princess Leia, and an alcoholic. She is honest, and she has a sense of humor. It got mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it. Maybe it's because I am such a huge Star Wars fan.

The Red Queen

If you are a vintage clothing fan then this may be a show you would be interested in. I found it on Amazon Prime. It's all about the fashion industry in Moscow during that time frame. It was released in Russia and Ukraine in 2015. You have to read the subtitles, but it is a well worth the work. And here's the spoiler, there is no happy ending. Keep that in mind when you watch it.

So does anyone have any movies they recommend? I'm looking for some movie that are worth watching. 

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