Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Cat Parade

Yes, I have not spoken recently on this platform. I have just been feeling lazy. It is summer time, and I am enjoying dozing in the sun on the porch. But I feel that it is time for me to share some important information with my fellow felines. It is how to properly implement the cat parade.
The cat parade is the way that we felines lead our pet humans to prepare our breakfast. The first thing that must be done is too get the attention of your human. Most humans go into the bathroom first thing in the morning. So first follow them into this room. Make your presence known by rubbing against their leg. You don't really have to talk to the if you don't feel like it. But it can be helpful with some humans. 

When you see that your human is ready to leave their throne room, make sure that you are in front of their walking path. This is key to the success of the cat parade. Lead them out of the bathroom. Stop a few steps along the way and look back. When you look back, make sure that you make eye contact with that human of yours. This is very important. Then begin walking again. Lead them to your dining room, and sit in front of your food bowl. Most pets will understand what they are to do next. They will place the food in your bowl, and of course they will present you with fresh water. 

I assure all of you felines that your pet can be trained to take part in this parade, and it will be an enjoyable morning ritual.

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