Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Walking Community

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. She recently made a trip out of town to a large city. She remarked that you didn't really see people walking anywhere there. I was a little surprised. I thought that the walking community was a national trend. But maybe I was wrong.

I thought about this for a second, and I thought that there are two reasons that this is important. One is the health benefits of walking. Yep, it just makes you a little healthier to take a stroll outdoors. And second, the environmental benefits of walking.

So I thought to myself, what is a walking community? It's one that is designed so that individuals can walk on a regular basis. That doesn't mean just walking for the fun of it. It's making walking part of everyday life.

I looked around my neighborhood, to see just how suited it is for the pedestrians. And it is kind of a good place. There are some sidewalks for individuals to walk on, but many of them are in disrepair. So individuals simply walk down the street. I'm not sure that is the safest thing in the world, but people are moving around.That's good for the exercise bit of this.

Now, is it environmentally friendly? Fairly, environmentally friendly too. There is a grocery store within walking distance, a few restaurants. That means I wouldn't have to drive to the store all of the time. Now, I need to actually put all of this into practice. Maybe I just need to start walking to the grocery store to take advantage of the walking community I live in.

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