Thursday, September 14, 2017

To Wash Or Not To Wash

Have you ever taken a look at your pillows and wondered should I wash that out or should I just leave it. But the truth is you really should wash your pillows. If you've ever taken a vacuum cleaner over a mattress you know that there is all sorts of wonderful stuff in that mattress. And your pillows collect the same dust mites, and other wonderful items.
So here's the scoop on washing those pillows.

Down and fiberfill pillows are usually machine-washable. Hurray! They should be washed two at a time. You want to keep your machine balanced. We've all heard the thump, thump of a washer having to work just a little too difficult. And if possible wash them vertically, have you ever seen pillows wrapped around the post in your washer. Make sure you use warm water, along with low-sudsing detergent. Then dry these pillows on a low heat, fluffing and turning them often.

FYI you can toss the pillows into the dryer for 20 minutes in between washings. This will help remove dust and other nasties from the pillow. Caution though only do this with a fiber filled or down filled pillow. Don't try this with your foam pillows.

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