Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What's Brought A Smile To My Face Recently

I realized this morning when I woke up that I haven't shared some of the great things that have happened in my life recently. And it's time to share.


Last week was my mother's 90th birthday. The party was great, and I was so glad that I got to go to it. But the one down side to it was I had to exchange days off at work in order to get the days off I needed. It meant that I worked for seven days straight. I did survive! And here's to being able to survive and celebrate.

Great Customer Service

Last week I went to Arby's to pick up a sandwich. I decided that I didn't want to go through the drive-thru. There really seemed to be a long line. And I'm glad that I did go in. I placed my order. And while I was waiting an employee asked me if I wanted a free milkshake, they had prepared it for another customer. But the customer didn't want whipped cream on the shake. So, they gave it to me. Then as my order was being placed in the bag, they dropped part of it on the floor. I had to wait for more to be prepared. So they gave me extras of what I ordered. Sometimes it just pays to go inside doesn't it?

Korea Festival

Last weekend was Korea festival in my hometown. It was the first one ever held here. I just happened to come across it because I had to go to the library. And I'm glad I did. I got to make some origami, and they provided me with a calligraphy sample. It was pretty cool. And the rest of the demonstrations were pretty cool too. I hope they hold it again next year.

So what great things have been going on in your lives?

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