Friday, October 27, 2017

Black Violin

What happens when two guys play Mozart in orchestra class, and then spend the hour after listening to their favorite hip hop artists? You end up with a unique band called Black Violin.
These two young men are from Florida. They are classically trained musicians, who have blended their passion for their instruments with a sound that makes listeners want to dance. They have managed to come up with a sound that is all their own. They perform music that we expect to hear from these instruments, and then they add songs that we all hear on the radio. It makes people of all ages want to listen. 

These young men, remind us that we should take our passions are make something new. We need to make them our own. And you never know what will happen. Maybe you will get full ride scholarships to college, and earn a living off of that passion like they have. And to these young men's credit, they haven't forgot how they started. They started out as students playing in their school orchestra. I really enjoyed seeing them perform with local orchestra students at the end of their show.

If you haven't seen these performers, you should. They will remind you of just what can be done with creativity and hard work.

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