Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Get What You Want When You Shop

Have you ever gone shopping for a specific item, you just need one thing at the store, but you come home with bags full of items? Item happens to us all at times. You find that you have spent too much money, for items you don't really want, and you definitely don't need. But you can get exactly what you want when you shop if you follow a few simple rules.

Know Yourself

Keep your budget, lifestyle, fashion persona, sizes, and favorite brands in mind. We've all come home with that perfect dress. You know you should get because there MIGHT be a time when you will wear it. But then it sits in the closet, the dress doesn't really fit into your lifestyle. 

Shop With A List

Make sure before you go shopping you have a list of items that you need for your wardrobe. Are there items in your closet that could be repaired. Know what you need in other words. How many of you have gone shopping with friends, and wound up with a top that looks almost exactly like one that you have in your closet already. If you had looked at your closet before shopping, you might not have a double of that item.

Plan Ahead

Check to see if there are sales going on. Plan out which part of the store you want to go to first. This way you won't get tired or spend all of the money you have budgeted before you get what you need.

Shop With A Purpose

Go to shops that are you. Focus on what you want not browsing, when you are looking for new items. 

Follow some of these rules, and you will get what you want when you shop.

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