Sunday, October 1, 2017

October Goals 2017

Here it is the first of October. September flew by, and I did accomplish a couple of things. But as usual there were a few challenges. There was that trip to Illinois that ate up my days off. But it was worth it to go to my mom's 90th birthday party. So let's take a look at what how I did with my September Goals 2017.


My first goal was to make some signs for Serendipity Created Sales. I did get one of the signs completed. Yay! But it was only one sign. I met the goal in spirit. But there are more to make. It's a work in progress.


I did clean up a few of my posts. Oh, boy did some of them need it. How do some people become great spellers, and there are those of us who see it as a challenge? Even with spell check I can still get it wrong. But I did meet the goal. Hurray!

See A Band

I did go out and see a live performance. Remember that post, Natural Horns of Northwest Ohio? My original plan was to see a rock band, this was an interesting change. And I'm glad that I did it.

Clear Out The Junk Box

I had a goal to clean out the junk box in the kitchen. I did work on it, but how does so much crap collect in one area? This goal was start, but it was not completed. Boo! But I celebrate the progress made.

Now, it's time to think of the month of October. What do I want to do?

Serendipity Created

Yes, I need to work on promoting what my friend and I have created. I need to post pictures to the facebook page. That's the goal. Get some stuff up there, and quick.

File Cabinet

I have this great little file cabinet I picked up. I think it will be great to store my bath bomb supplies in. That way I won't have stacks of boxes with supplies sitting around. It's a plan, it's going to happen this month.


There is a really fun play coming to town in November. I want to see it, and I keep putting off getting tickets. This needs to be done this month. 


I have this notebook. It's full of some really cool ideas. I tend to write down ideas, and then go on to another thing. I want to go through the notebook, and put one of those ideas into action. It shouldn't be hard or will it be?

So now, you know what I my October Goals 2017 are, what are yours?

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