Friday, October 6, 2017

This Week's Small Pleasures

My faithful followers know that I enjoy everyday life. There are just moments that are memorable everyday. Some are memorable in good ways, and some in bad ways. I have the tendency to focus in on the positive and humorous. Don't worry I'm still focusing in on those things this week. Here are some of this week's small pleasures.

Joking around with a co-worker, and during the conversation the word shazam pops out of her mouth. This was totally unexpected. I mean it's not a word you hear everyday. But here it was in our conversation that day. I had to laugh. It was just too precious.

The look on someone's face when they realized I don't watch television very often. He was astounded that my television isn't even plugged in. He was speechless. And for that person this is unusual.

All of us know that selfies have become extremely important in most people's daily routine. But I had to chuckle when I saw five teenagers sitting in a group. They were all taking selfies, but the focus of each picture was themselves. Not one of them was placing another individual in the picture. It was the definition of selfie.

These are just a few of this week's small pleasures what are some of yours?

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