Thursday, November 16, 2017

5 Things Dancers Do Differently

The world is full of dancers and many of them are quite good. However, there are relatively few dancers who go on to greatness. All dancers have some habits that are similar. They have dance instructors. They have rehearsals, and they watch their diets.

However, phenomenal dancers do much more than what is required. Great dancers take their craft and the work they put into it to a whole new level. Let’s look at some of these differences between good dancers and great dancers.

  • They are always a dancer

Many dancers are only dancers when they are a stage or in the studio. For that period of time, they are dancers. Beyond that, they add work out times into their lives. However, a great dancer is always a dancer. They arrange their lives around their craft. They are dancers first.
  • They are always prepared for what is next

A great dancer is always on guard for an opportunity. It may be an opportunity to work extra practice into a busy schedule or it may be the opportunity to audition for a show. They always have dance attire in their bag. The go through a lot of leotards, wraps, and tights. To keep on their budget they watch for dance clearance on Just For Kix and keep their dance bags stocked.
  • Health is always a priority

A great dancer is always on the go, so they are careful not to neglect their health. When he/she goes out for the day, they never know what will come their way. This is why they eat balanced meals and never are without a water bottle. They always have a natural protein supplement with them for hunger, energy, and protection of their muscles. This is the dancer who manages to always be at the right place at the right time.
  • Focus on minutes - not hours

A great dancer lives in the moment. They zero in on what they are working on and they only see “right now”. Even if they have been trying to accomplish a move for a couple of hours or even days, all they see is the moment at hand. This is how they manage to keep their motivation to achieve perfection.
  • They know when to stop

Based on what we have revealed above, you may be surprised to read this fact. A great dancer knows that rest and recovery is just as important as training, networking, and nutrition. They set their mental clock for quitting time. For many dancers, it is the dinner hour. When they reach the designated hour, they stop. They allow their bodies to recover and they prepare physically and mentally for their rest time.  

Downtime is more than a time for rest. This is when even the greatest dancer hangs up their dancing shoes and reconnects with the people in their life. All of us need the nurturing support of those we love. The dancer who achieves super-star status is well balanced physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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